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Published on: July 13, 2018

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Here are several special announcements we received from Consumer Technology Association (CTA). One is from Jean Foster and one is from Justin Siraj. We know many of our readers are public speakers and/or up and coming Tech Media Trailblazers, so we’re happy to share this latest news. First up, from Jean Foster:


I hope your summer is going well. I am excited to announce that our Call for Speakers for CES 2019 is opened. I wanted to tap into this group – our Ambassador Army – to help spread the word. As always we are looking for speaker applications from industry experts whose knowledge and vision will inspire and educate conference attendees on the hottest research, innovations and trends.

Can you help us spread the word on social media? Here is a sample post you can use. Or you can simply re-tweet the @CES tweets.

Thank you for supporting CES 2019!




And from Justin:

Yesterday, we officially launched the CES Tech Media Trailblazers program! The program will award 25 up-and-coming media travel and accommodation for CES 2019. The goal of the program is to introduce a new group of diverse media to CES, while also taking that opportunity to build relationships and offer ourselves as resources to this group of media early in their careers.

Media can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. We would love your input and nominations of any contacts that come to mind that you think would be a good fit for this program. You can submit your nomination here by September 17.

Please keep in mind the following requirements must be met in order for media to be considered for the CES Tech Media Trailblazers program:

  • Less than three years working at current media outlet.
  • Less than three times attending CES.
  • Covers technology, business or a relevant CES topic.
  • Must share three relevant pieces of work (articles, broadcast clips, podcast, etc).
  • Must be able to attend CES Media Days and CES 2019.
  • Media outlet must meet CES media credential requirements.

Let me, Sarah or Allie know if you have any questions!



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