CES Walk-About | Part 2

By Douglas Weinstein
Published on: January 25, 2019

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In last week’s Part 1, I covered a lot of products I thought were innovative, and I want to continue this week with some other products that caught my eye. The first fits in nicely with our upcoming launch of the Technology Designer Magazine, the Platform House.

The Mosquito Trap. There were a number of innovative mosquito trap solutions presented at Unveiled, the opening event of CES. It’s a table-top display emporium at Manadalay Bay that unveils new tech. So here’s the skinny on IoT mosquito traps – they simulate human breathing by mimicking mechanical and chemical aspects in a cyclical manner. Outputs from the devices are rich in recycled CO2, imitating human breathing as an olfactory lure. Female mosquitos looking for fresh blood for their eggs are drawn close to the trap and are sucked in by a vacuum system.

Most of the systems I saw stated a 50 – 60 meter range, so for public areas (wetlands and such where mosquitos breed), you’d need a lot of them strategically placed to really impact the environment. And, they mostly all run on AC. Yes, solar panels are on the roadmap for each vendor I spoke with. And they all have the requisite app so you can be alerted to when you need to empty the dead mosquito bag. I don’t know, but it seemed like a slick solution – instead of spraying chemicals over a large area (which they do in my neighborhood). Stay tuned on this product – they have small units already on the market for your backyard patio – but that’s not really solving the underlying problem.

Nicest guy I met in Vegas. Matt Bremyer was showing his amazing The Haymaker headphones in The Venetian. To introduce Matt, here is a blurb off of the The-Haymaker.com website – “Haymaker is owned by Peak Audio LLC, a company founded by Matt Bremyer. Haymaker focuses on building products that our customers love, by building in features that allow you to custom tailor your headphones to your desire. We focus on building products that are worth what you pay, all systems built by Haymaker feature premium materials. Unlike our competitors, we believe in giving our customers systems that will last and stay in excellent working condition as long as you own them.”

This young man explained that he is a huge headphone fan, but companies just don’t offer products that last as long as they should for the money they ask for. And they don’t offer performance for the price they are asking for. So I sat for a demo – against 8 name-brand competitors in the $300 – 500 category (The Haymaker runs $329.95 MSRP). And low and behold, The Haymaker killed the competition. Didn’t just sound better, but blew them away. So, bravo Matt and good luck.

Sekisui House. The Platform House is a project from Sekisui House out of Japan that is a visionary take on resilient and sustainable design-build. The house as a living, breathing entity that is resilient in build quality, sustainable in energy management terms, and focuses on wellness and happiness. Let me break that down for you.

The Platform house is a house. It is designed by Sekisui House architecturally. They also manufacturer from their various business concerns things like air purifiers and water purification systems. Custom solar panels. Building materials you would use for construction. Everything you would need to outfit a smart home – that learns – and build that smart home, from soup to nuts. In fact, they actually design and build houses in Japan! It’s an exciting concept -a one-shop stop house that incorporates wellness features like expansive energy-efficient windows and advanced LED lighting. They just signed a deal with Woodside Homes in the Salt Lake City area as their first attempt at penetrating the U.S. market. Our editors at TD will be following up with Woodside and we hope to present a more in-depth article in the Spring issue of TD Magazine. This was probably the highlight of CES for me.


Food 4 Thought. My report wouldn’t be complete without a quick recap of the food we had in Vegas.

Bestest of allLotus of Siam. Hands down our favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. If you can get in (we made reservations 6 months in advance!) during CES, you are in for some amazing Thai food. Go to the back of the menu to the Northern Thailand section and have at it – everything is wonderful. Great service and even though the wine list pricing is somewhat over the top, there is plenty to choose from. The German Reislings go perfectly with the Kang Hung Lay [Pork Stew Northern Curry] or the Thum Ka Noon [Pounded & Shredded Young Jack Fruit]. Get there if you can.

Bouchon at The Venetian. This is our go-to restaurant and bar, since we camp out at the Venetian every year. If you are a Thomas Keller fan, this outpost upholds his reputation for delivering good eats. From the raw bar to the truffle-infused french fries, it’s all good, baby.

The hot dog stand outside of the convention center. Man, I’m not sure whether it was because I hadn’t eaten all day or if indeed these were as good as dogs get, but the hot dog stand outside of Central Hall was awesome!

Mott32. Mott 32 pays homage to 32 Mott Street in NYC, where the city’s first Chinese convenience store opened in 1891. The newly opened Mott32 on The Palazzo’s casino floor at The Venetian is a wonderful celebration of Hong Kong culinary tradition. Amazing specialty cocktails and amazing food. Call ahead to reserve the whole duck. Steep at half the price, but for a night of celebration, this is the new ‘it’ in Vegas.

Douglas Weinstein

Douglas Weinstein

Doug is the Editor and co-founder of the Technology Insider Group and Technology Designer Magazine. Previously, he was the Executive Director and co-founder of the Elf Foundation, a non-profit organization that created Room of Magic entertainment theaters in children's hospitals across North America.

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