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By Eric Schwartz
Published on: December 13, 2019

Goodman Networks, a leading provider of premium installation services for electronics brands and retailers announced today the appointment of Daniel Pidgeon as President of Home Services.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Daniel to our executive team. Daniel’s sterling professional background, prior role as Chairman of the Consumer Technology Association, and deep recognition from trade and retail organizations make him the ideal pick for the position,” said John Goodman, Executive Chairman and CEO, Goodman Networks.

Today, brands are focused on delivering unique and tailored experiences into the home with bespoke installation platforms designed for their respective objectives and products. Goodman Networks has taken note of brands’ desires for custom-made solutions. Daniel’s appointment underscores Goodman Networks’ commitment to diversifying and retasking its workforce in a highly specialized manner.

Goodman goes on to say, “Dan’s expertise and unique understanding of customer experience, premium installation and brand promise aligns with our company’s commitment — to provide uniquely qualified, best-in-class brand experiences into customers’ homes.”

“Goodman Networks’ profound level of dedication to customer and brand satisfaction together with its innovative approach to customization and personalization drew me to the company,” said Pidgeon. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to further Goodman Networks’ goal of providing unmatched installation services tailored to each brand to fulfill their specific brand promise.”

Goodman Networks’ seamless installation solution is designed to keep pace with the value of the globally recognized brands themselves. Those brands that build a high-quality product and need a high-quality solution rely on Goodman Networks to uniquely adapt to a broad range of in home consumer needs across industries and products.

Daniel Pidgeon assumes his role effective immediately and will be running his operation from the company’s HQ in the greater Dallas area.

About Goodman Networks
Goodman Networks is a leading field services company with 2,000+ W-2 network and electronics technicians, serving customers across the nation. We provide “white glove,” last-mile installation and maintenance services to retailers and manufacturers of smart home electronics and connected devices, network operators and OEMs. Goodman Networks delivers best-in-class results for operational and customer service metrics by utilizing our robust back office support systems, which include logistics and kitting services, call centers, a Network Operations Center (NOC) and some of the most efficient training programs in the industry. For additional information, please visit www.goodmannetworks.com.

Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz

Eric is the founder of Catapult Communications, offering brand awareness and sales strategies to strengthen clients' go-to-market offerings. He is also the co-founder and publisher of Technology Designer Magazine, Website and e-newsletter. Presently a Consultant to CTA’s i3 Magazine. Past recipient of The Torch of Liberty Award by the ADL. Eric also Co-chairs the Annual ADL Consumer Technology Dinner. Launched CEWEEK, an event for innovative companies to meet the press, retailers and investment community. Eric, also launched Future Vision which was an Executive Level event designed to build relationships that yield future business.

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