Digital Hollywood at CES 2018

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: December 22, 2017

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Check out this amazing introduction to the Digital Hollywood program that will be running during CES 2018. I’m stoked because social and messaging is my area of expertise and I can’t wait to check out some of the cool presenters appearing in Las Vegas. With the philosophy Mobile First, I want to gain better insight about leveraging tomorrow’s technologies today.

‘Content anywhere, anytime on screens of any size. Mobile is exploding, there’s innovative collaboration in AR/VR, Influence Marketing and unexpected opportunities and lucrative revenue streams. All this and more is served up at the ever-popular Digital Hollywood, led by the most influential players in the entertainment space. Get a front row seat for the event that’ll have everyone talking.

Top Three Topics:

  • It’s Mobile First – Influence marketing is the lifestyle differentiator – It’s about contextual, programmatic and brand advertising
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality is everywhere – SmartPhones & tablets, headsets, theme parks, movie theaters, hotels and arcades
  • The Year of InternetTV: Video Anytime Anywhere has arrived! The disruption is the doorway to a 24/7 video lifestyle

Here are some of the seminars I’ll be attending and reporting on in future articles:

Mobile First: The Lifestyle Differentiator

Mobile defines the consumer lifestyle. Content and communications are completely subsumed inside the mobile technology universe as all eyes are pinned to Smartphone. Mobile is even the preferred video gateway to entertainment.

Understanding the Video Value Proposition

At its core the TV industry has always been about video delivery. But now Internet TV and mobile are an equal part of the consumer package. We will explore the comprehensive video and commerce strategy being developed for the consumer.

Transforming Contextual Advertising and Media

Media and the information they deliver are increasingly contextual. Some refine messaging more precisely than others, but the personalization of news, commentary, programming, advertising and commerce is plowing ahead. It is a fascinating mix of analytics, content, media and advertising.

See you in Vegas!


Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at

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