Do You Have The Habits Needed To WIN?

By Paul Starkey
Published on: February 18, 2021

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To make meaningful impact continuously on your business you have to have a habit of working on the business. Daily demands compete for your time and attention. It’s easy to get into reaction mode and spend all your days addressing things that could be systematically handled.

It’s a busy world for sure. And most operators don’t get to a better level of performance and higher levels of significance because of ‘busyness’ over business. The #1 excuse for not paying attention to the business is “I am too busy.” So how does one develop a habit to break this habit?

Most committed operators would tell you they spend un-tolled hours thinking about the business. And, for some they can’t let it go. Here are some tips for making the time to change your habit:

  1. Decide that goal setting and accountability will be center to your management of the business.
  2. Block off personal time and protect it to isolate and do the work.
  3. Find a few metrics that you can claim and routinely use them with the team.
  4. Know where you want to go; if you don’t you won’t know when you have arrived.
  5. Take your core circle of leaders off site and work on meaningful action plans.
  6. Don’t let issues continue to block your progress; remove them as a team.
  7. Evaluate your people; don’t accept poor performance or effort short of the company’s standard.
  8. Communicate weekly; have crisp effective meetings where everyone comes prepared.

By not developing good habits, the poor habits will continue to dominate. As an example and a plug for Vital MGMT, we have one service that if you invest some time in it you can define the road to win continuously. It’s setting up your reporting structure (QuickBooks) to determine your potential level of improvement. The set-up and improvement plan is $1,000. It takes about five hours of work by your people and can be completed in less than two weeks.

If you do no more than this, it gives you the track to run on. After that you can choose how much help you need to keep on the track. The alternative?  Keep doing what you are doing and getting the results you have been getting. We know old habits are hard to break.

Keep it Vital.

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey is a 23 year CI industry veteran who led control manufacturer ELAN from infancy to a 150 person company. He is a visionary, keen on innovation, pioneer of on-line training, and numerous product innovations. He is co-founder of Vital Management.

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