Do Your People Have This One Thing?

By Paul Starkey
Published on: March 12, 2021

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Starbucks is famous for hiring employees who possess one strong attribute … will power. The ability to be persistent in doing right and to resist doing what they know is wrong (sometimes because they have become lazy or complacent).

When we justify actions to our own benefit and disregard the company or the client interest, we lack willpower. Dynamic, productive employees possess the ability to do the right thing, and resist justifying their unwillingness to go the extra mile.

Can you teach will power? Not as easy, can you harness it for the good of the organization.

What do High Will Power people have?

  1. A keen sense of making things happen

  2. A commitment to their work and work associates

  3. A habit of going the extra mile

  4. A knack for doing the right thing in every situation

  5. A sense of accountability and ownership in what they do

  6. A doggedness to get it done

  7. A measure of restraint and self-control when faced with taking the easy way out

Do your people stand up to these measures? Can you apply them to hiring and firing? Do your best people have these attributes?

Look for willpower in your workplace. Reward examples of it. If you can harness willpower in your people; you will win more often and have a team capable of doing their best.

Keep it Vital!

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey is a 23 year CI industry veteran who led control manufacturer ELAN from infancy to a 150 person company. He is a visionary, keen on innovation, pioneer of on-line training, and numerous product innovations. He is co-founder of Vital Management.

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