Eureka Park – My Favorite Part of CES 2019

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: January 25, 2019

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Last week I wrote my follow up on the events and products I was looking forward to seeing at CES 2019. This week I am discussing Eureka Park and the products I saw that made me go WOW and/or scratch my head. For those that do not know about Eureka Park at CES, this is the section where all the startups have their booths, and it is arranged by country. Eureka Park provides startups with a unique opportunity to showcase their ingenuity. Some companies are looking for funding, and some are getting ready to launch. Here is a list of products that left an impression on me – some good, some “what were they thinking?”:

INUBOX – The 1st Automated Dog Toilet. This product is created for dog lovers in the city that want to keep an odorless home. InuBox boasts on their website, “Combining innovation, product design and hardware, InuBox is all dog owners havbeen waiting for.” If you are a dog lover that has to leave their dog at home for hours are at a time, this product has been designed for you! Here is how it works. INUBOX knows when your dog steps on the platform and detects any waste left behind. Once your dog is away, the station closes the platform and starts the cleaning cycle in less than one minute, opening again to be used if needed. All solid and liquid materials are passed through a solidifying process and contained in a closed bag. Once full, it delivers a sealed bag for disposal. Cleaning up after a dog just got easier. Visit their website here for more information.

ORII  – The Voice Powered Ring. This is by far my FAVORITE product in Eureka Park. This product is the brainchild of grad school friends inspired by the CEO’s visually-impaired father that needed screen-free options to interact with technology. This startup is making products that impact the world. With a tagline like, how could I NOT include them in this article? This product is not just a cool idea, it’s a great product.

How it works: The little ‘ring’ sits on your index finger. It connects via Bluetooth technology to your mobile device and using bone conduction technology, transmits the sound from your phone to you. You simply use your thumb and touch the ring, and then rest your index finger on your temple. The bone conduction technology transmits the sound through your bones and it’s as if you have the phone pressed up to your ear. The dual noise-canceling microphone can capture your voice even in a loud environment.

It’s a voice-powered ring. Answer your phone, send text messages, activate voice assistant – it allows you to put your phone away while on the go. This product is simple to set up, use and can be ordered now. Visit their website for more information.

DRESSCODERS – Founded by two Italian fashion designers, this company is combining technology and haute couture fashion. Their website describes their mission as, “DressCoders wants to create a new way to dress up, mixing up hi-tech and high fashion. The garments can be customizable, from the sketch to the choice of fabrics, up to the sartorial packaging. The technologies used to make the product are unique: they enhance it aesthetically and functionally.”

I scratched my head over this one, but one never knows what will resonate with consumers. Visit their Facebook page to see what they displayed at CES 2019 in Eureka Park.

FISHBALL – As a social media manager I am always looking for products to improve my content and Fishball is this product. Fishball is the only device of its kind that lets you capture in full 360 degrees, using your phone’s powerful rear camera. It is very portable and simple to use, but only available for iPhones (sorry Android users, I feel your pain). Through the Fishball app, all videos and photos captured can instantly be shared across social media platforms. Oh, and did I mention it shoots in VR as well? Yeah, this is a game changer for those of us in social media marketing that need to start incorporating VR in our content, but do not want to break the bank. This product is in prototype stage now, but I have my fingers crossed this company is available soon.

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at

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