Facebook Might be Down, But Not Out!

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: July 27, 2018

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You’re probably aware that Facebook’s stock price took a beating this week. According to the pundits and financial geeks, FB is running out of potential new customers and has no upside growth potential.

That all may be well and true, but for now, today, in the immediate future, don’t turn your back on FB. Here’s why:

As of May, 2018, Facebook is by far the most popular mobile social networking app in the United States with a reach of over 88%. And guess who’s #2? Another FB company, Instagram, clocking in at over 60% reach. And #3, FB Messenger at over 57%.

Oh, yeah, #4? Twitter at 38%. The front page of the Internet, Reddit comes in at an impressive 15%, but it is apparent that Facebook and their various social platforms still draw the most eyes in the U.S.

So don’t feel bad for Mr. Zuckerberg, even if he did lose $15B or so this week. FB is a potent force in social and will remain so for some time. I always advise clients to diversify across those social platforms that are a good fit for your business, but FB is still one of the cornerstones for any social campaign.

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at DesignerMarketingSolutions.com

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