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By David Solomon
Published on: September 24, 2020

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Editor – We sat down earlier this year with the Cheetah to talk about his latest venture. The high priest and global evangelist for hi-res music in all of its glorious manifestations waxes poetic about QoBuz (ko-buzz), the first true High Resolution Streaming service arriving soon in North America and the brand’s launch plans.

Technology Insider Group: Good to see you and catch up! What’s up with your new gig at QoBuz?

David Solomon: Thanks so much for letting me get up on my soapbox! As many of your readers will know, I’ve been an advocate of high-resolution streaming audio for years and was fortunate enough to have launched the first full resolution16/44 streaming service in North America. I now have the privilege to launch Qobuz, the first true High Resolution streaming service. And I want you all to hear it for yourself, it’s amazing.


TIG: So, what does QoBuz bring to the table?

DS: We’re delighted to provide access to over 40 million 16/44 tracks and over 2 million high resolution FLAC tracks up to 24/192 bit high resolution. That’s light-years more than any other service offers and we’re constantly adding true high resolution content to the service. Additionally, we’re committed to supporting the high-end community, especially retailers and technology design specialists, in addition to the larger world of high end enthusiasts.


TIG: Break that down for us.

DS: We’ll be incorporating an Authorized Dealer map so consumers can easily arrange for a demo. I mean, hearing is believing, so we want to make it simple to go out and experience QoBuz. We’ll also support our dealers with short videos letting our subscribers know where to go to buy the good stuff. Where to go if you’re interested in high fidelity.

We’ll also include manufacturer pages on our platform who support high resolution platforms, along with regional events to demonstrate our total support to the artistry of high end audio. We’re also going to do some contests on social media to build and maintain the buzz. It’s going to be crazy!


TIG: TIG has long supported and advocated for high resolution audio, so we’d like to hear from you about what ideas you have in mind to reach a wider audience, those who might not be aware of the high end. How to expand the market, etc.

DS: Our Streaming Music Matters™ experience and dealer education/demo events will bring QoBuz to a grassroots level. For those who need to learn more about streaming, we’ll offer regional educational programs designed for manufacturers and retail sales staff to present to their customers. We will be advocates and dedicated to preaching the gospel of high end audio.


TIG: You sound stoked!

DS: I gotta tell ya’, when I first sat down and listened, I was blown away. It reinforced all of my efforts and the years I’ve spent advocating for great sound. It just feels good, man! Who wouldn’t want to be involved in bringing the ultimate streaming service to market?


TIG: On a personal note, how are things?

DS: Never better, brother!

David Solomon

David Solomon

David is the Chief Hi-Res Music Evangelist for QoBuz, the world's leader in high resolution audio streaming.

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