Getting Attention is Not Enough

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Published on: July 6, 2018

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This article appeared in the ProSource Insider magazine and is used with permission.

Andrew Davis was the keynote speaker at the ProSource Spring Summit and immediately got to his main point: getting attention is not enough in today’s online marketing world. There is so much content being pushed out that most people suffer from information overload. We just can’t consume the amount of information available online. His advice is that specialty markets (and specialty marketers) should focus on quality over quantity.

One of Mr. Davis’ main focus points had to do with The Marketing Funnel, which was invented in 1898. Simply put, it is based on three key elements companies should be focusing on as it pertains to customers: Purchase. Loyalty. Advocacy. The basic premise is that if you raise awareness in your market, some people will buy from you. If you treat them right, you build loyalty. And loyal customers become advocates of your brand. In other words, gain people’s interest, inform them, close them and nurture them.

Based on The Marketing Funnel, Mr. Davis asked where consumer technology dealers fit in the way people are buying today. Are you the center of your product category? Are you the center of the universe? Or are you part of a larger universe? Mr. Davis equated Google with the Sun. And we are just in its orbit. And we all just need to get closer to the sun, informing customers why we are different and what makes us unique.

Mr. Davis’ other key topic was what he called the Moment of Inspiration. Every purchase starts with a MOI. Let’s say you get a letter from Nissan letting you know your car lease is up next month. You think, “Oh, I need to update my lease. Or maybe I should get a different car. Well, what kind of car should I look at? Nissan!” If you were satisfied with your old car, that would be your initial consideration. Mr. Davis then circled back to The Marketing Funnel and pulled everything together. You need to build awareness of your products/services in your market. You need to inspire potential clients to have MOIs as it pertains to consumer technology and then send them on a journey of discovery. Create those moments of inspiration based on your passion, with regular engagement. In other words, if you do YouTube, do it on a schedule. Try to attach a person to your brands and exploit content holes with original content. And after purchase, treat your customer right so that they become advocates for your brand.

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