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Published on: December 22, 2017

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We sat down recently with the District Managers of the ProSource buying group to get some input about what they’re hearing from CI dealers across the country. Check it out:


The thing that impacts our systems and components the most is power (surge and under voltage), specifically SurgeX and their solutions that control and regulate voltage, as well as battery backup as it pertains to impacting large-scale infrastructure in the residential market. Members that are selling more graduated power components are rolling less service trucks, and having to execute less and less remote resets, thereby decreasing client calls and service outages.

Lani Godfrey – South East Region


Many dealers are looking in-depth at their business practices and working to incorporate a recurring revenue stream via their service offerings. Client selection is also critical to ensure the business relationship they are starting is going to be profitable and grow their business. Since referrals are a major part of their businesses, many dealers tell me ongoing service plans keep their clients happy, and also increases referral opportunities.

Samantha Summerville – Central Region


The main topics I’m hearing about and discussing with our members are new programs that are being offered by our vendors – consumer finance, warranties and recurring revenue opportunities, credit card processing, how to effectively market the company brand, and website design. My takeaway is that our members are constantly re-evaluating their business processes and continually managing their brand identity.

Nicole Riddle – Midwest Region


Shading is surging – dealers have become more comfortable demonstrating, quoting and installing shading solutions. The result has been tremendous profit for this very popular solution. The Samsung Frame TV is one of the hottest products on the market. The TV hangs on the wall like a picture frame with custom art displaying on the screen when idle. When the TV is in use, it offers a phenomenal 4K picture. URC Total Control 2.0 has been completely revamped – new customizable graphics, new touchpads and keypads, simple programming, and URC’s deep support of the group has many dealers talking about this new product line like never before. Sony’s new VPL-VW285ES has the best performance/value on the market for big, beautiful 4K/HDR pictures for under $5,000. Origin Acoustics’ new Valet audio amplifier is simply WOW! It hides the Amazon Dots in the ceiling under Origin’s own speaker grille and turns them into a whole-house music solution by providing internet audio and voice control for an amazing whole-house music experience.

Bobby Dodge – North East Region


I’m often asked, ‘What are some best-practices that you’ve heard about that may help me improve my business? Has anyone tried such-and-such technology?’ I’ve seen a common trend with the most successful dealers – they are always asking questions on how they can improve their business. ProSource’s local Town Hall Dinners and other local events put on by buying groups and manufacturers and rep companies are a great way for these dealers to share ideas and continue their success.

Rick Huggins – West Coast Region

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