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Published on: September 28, 2018

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Technology Designer Magazine and are new communication platforms that explore and explain the world of residential smart home technology as it relates to the Design Build community. TD facilitates the collaborative efforts of interior/exterior designers, architecture design teams and technology designers to fulfill the dreams and expectations of the luxury residential client.

From single room solutions to whole house solutions, from single residences to MDUs, from showrooms to design centers, we focus our attention on the intersection of technology and design.

Technology Designer Magazine will be a quarterly publication beginning Winter 2019 (December 2018 publish date). will debut in conjunction with the magazine. Submissions on luxury residential technology design solutions are now being accepted for review.

Technology Designer Magazine begins by re-defining the luxury technology space with a new lexicon, beginning with the Technology Designer. Not Custom Installer or Custom Integrator, which have zero resonance in the marketplace. The Technology Designer is more than just a tradesman or a jobber – they now sit at the table with the rest of the Design Build community.


Produced quarterly with the first issue in December, 2018, Technology Designer Magazine will be direct mailed to top-notch industry Technology Designers and Design Build community partners via design centers, experience centers and showrooms. First print run expected to be 15,000+ copies.




Installation/Integration firm is responsible for bringing a minimum of one Design Build partner and/or homeowner(s) to the interview process. Our mission at TD Magazine is to present solutions that were accomplished by Design Build professionals collaborating together. The partner(s) you bring to the interview process may include the homeowner(s), builder, architect, interior/exterior designer, lighting designer, etc.

Integrator is responsible for providing all principle hi-res images and videos.

TD will conduct interviews via email and phone to get everyone’s perspective on how the project evolved from concept to completion. Once TD has published the content, we will authorize all participants to re-publish the content via their social media or websites or other publications as long as TD is recognized as the original content provider. Beyond the contributors who are authorized to re-publish TD content, TD owns all rights to the articles and may grant re-publishing rights on a case-by-case basis. This is bonus digital content for all contributors and a great value add for participating.


Manufacturers should also be prepared to provide Design Build professionals for any product that they would like to submit for TD for consideration. TD is a not a review magazine, although products that offer real-world solutions would be welcome. We will consider any product (e-commerce, DIY, etc.), but our primary focus is on products installed by a member of the Design Build community.



Carol Campbell – TD Publisher. Carol is the Managing Director of the Technology Insider Group, a full service Marketing Communications Agency. She is also the founder of Women in Consumer Technology, a national organization empowering women in the industry.

Eric Schwartz – TD Publisher. Eric is the President of Catapult Communications. Catapult offers brand awareness and sales strategies to strengthen clients’ go-to-market offerings.

Douglas Weinstein – TD Creative Director and Executive Editor. Doug is the Managing Editor of the Technology Insider Group, a full service Marketing Communications Agency.

For advertising opportunities contact (323.309.7673) or (267.879.2167)

To submit Design and Integration project work for consideration, contact (714.865.5106)

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