Intuitive Simplicity in Severna Park

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Published on: January 4, 2019

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Atlantic Control Technologies, of Annapolis, MD, won the CEDIA 2017 Best Integrated Home – Level One award for this project. They worked with an existing client on a system upgrade of a 10-year old Crestron control system. This complex system had to perform several specific, client-requested functions, while at the same time integrating several existing subsystems.

The initial client-requested functionality was for the control system to be easy for family members and guests to use. The system had to be intuitive in its simplicity. They wanted the same user interface experience across all remote platforms. So Atlantic Control Technologies designed a proprietary “Quick Pick” feature as the main graphical layout the user interfaces with on eight types of user interfaces, which was a unique challenge. It involves one top-navigated drop down menu to pick a location and another top-navigated drop down menu to pick a source. Once these two parameters are selected, the user can then adjust all options pertaining to that specific location and source they have chosen. This layout allows the user to quickly navigate the entire feature set of the whole system in an intuitive and simple way.

The full Crestron 4K Ultra HD distributed audio/video matrix switching upgrade was the main feature of the installation and involved Crestron’s MD-HD8x8 switcher with five individual room controllers and expanded Crestron Sonnex audio. As the video library was housed in the latest Kaleidescape Encore products, it was also necessary to upgrade the TV selections to models that would accommodate the new HD signal. This upgrade allows the client to be able to view current, true 4K content and prepares the system to be able to view industry-best content for years to come.

There was also an HD IP camera upgrade request from the client. This included a custom programmed Crestron feature that displays a prompt on the touchscreen when one of two door cameras is pressed from the outside. The prompt allows the user to elect to view the applicable door camera video from the touchscreen. Any time the doorbell rings, all touchscreens activate and the homeowner can accept or reject. Completing the ease of use scenario, audio switches to the camera from whichever one was just rung.

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