Mark Levinson Reveals

By Technology Insider
Published on: October 23, 2020

Last week, Mark Levinson unveiled the expanded line of their 5000 series of products. Since the launch of the Nº 5802 and Nº 5805 integrated amplifiers, they’ve been working passionately to develop their first source players and flagship separates. These new products represent the pinnacle of audio excellence. Watch and witness the passion of the engineering staff in Shelton, Connecticut, and the updated brand initiatives from live feeds in NYC and L.A.

In a world without trade shows, this is a pretty slick way to introduce luxury products. The event was Livestreamed via the Vimeo platform, offering 4H HD resolution. Presentations were conducted with ML dealers, distribution partners and media in various time slots across the globe over one magical day.

Here’s the expanded, full presentation:

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