Pro Video Gaming and Your Advertising Dollar

By Carol Campbell
Published on: September 15, 2017

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Did you see the new Gillete razor commercial with the famous athlete getting his groove on? No, it wasn’t recent US Open champion Rafael Nadal or soccer’s CR7 Christiano Ronaldo whose face was beaming back from the foggy mirror – it was xPeke, the professional video game star who packs arenas with an ever growing legion of rabid fans. That’s right – a video game pro making big-time commercials for major corporations. That’s how big video gaming is – today!

So that got me wondering – how many consumer technology companies are advertising or creating content to share on social media that directly talks to the video gaming industrial-complex? After all, everything from display panels to projectors and filmscreens to hi-performance audio and lossless streamable audio (see Maureen’s talk with Ken Forsythe of MQA) to commercial-grade networking components to hi-fidelity headphones directly impacts performance and enhances the video gamer’s experience. Hey, they’re already spending gazillions of dollars on super computers and incredible video displays, why aren’t we pushing the audio/video/network/control system/custom integration envelope and targeting this ever-expanding consumer base?

The latest info I read about the gaming industry puts it well over $30 billion a year in retail sales. And there are a number of vehicles within the industry to target advertising: some advertisers choose to back a professional gamer, some target retail outlets, some even place their products directly into the game itself. And virtually all advertisers back up their ad buys with on-line case study testimonials that appear on websites and social media platforms. There are countless ways to tell your story and deliver your message. But you’ve got to do your due diligence and discover where you fit into the scheme of things. It’s today’s future – if you can get your head around that! Game on.


Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell is the Managing Director of the Technology Insider Group. She is a publishing, marketing and women’s thought leadership executive with a history of offering outstanding presentation, communication and cross-cultural team management skills. She is also the Executive Director of the Women In Consumer Technology organization.

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