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By Douglas Weinstein
Published on: November 17, 2017

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I had an interesting email exchange this week with several people at TVTI, a Chicagoland integration firm. It got me thinking about response times and client expectations. From there, I began to connect the dots with another subject I’m interested in and frequently hear about from busy worker bees – “I’m so busy working at my job that I don’t have enough time to do my job.”

Here’s the back story: As content publishers we often have to reach out to dealers and vendors when we need logos, headshots, company descriptions, quotes, etc. We also have to reach out to 3rd party alliance partners when we need their input for special articles and featured interviews.

Anyway, I emailed the folks at TVTI with a request for an upcoming project and within 30 minutes they had responded with exactly what we needed. Not close to what we requested nor a partial response, but spot on. I jokingly sent a reply email bestowing on them the Quickest Response Time award for outstanding performance. Then, I sat down to read what they had sent me about their company description.

Here’s the money quote: “We’re not an AV company, we’re a service company.” This is a company that puts service ahead of sales – they literally provide their clients with 24/7 support.

And here’s my takeaway from that encounter: TVTI is all about response times and exceeding expectations. David Welles, the president of TVTI, has instilled in his people the need to be the most responsive integrator in the territory. Regardless of whether it is a client issue or a business-related issue. And it was plain to me that his people were focused on getting the job done, not working at their job. Which I found refreshing.

When TVTI’s Vice President, Ari Presant replied to my email about how amazed I was that they got back to me so promptly and so competently, he simply pinged back, “That’s what we do.”

So let me connect the dots for you. TVTI says they are a service company that values their client’s and their business colleague’s time and sets response time as a #1 priority. I certainly came away from a brief email encounter convinced they walk the walk.  It appears they’ve managed to put ‘getting the job done’ ahead of ‘working at the job’; and, yes, I do mean managed. As in great management.

And at the end of the day, for me, that means that David and his team are focused. Focused on execution. Focused on shared responsibilities and delegating. Focused on procedures and processes. Focused.

So, just some thoughts on connecting the dots regarding response times, management, getting the job done and staying focused. As an individual, as a team, as a company.

Douglas Weinstein

Douglas Weinstein

Doug is the Editor and co-founder of the Technology Insider Group and Technology Designer Magazine. Previously, he was the Executive Director and co-founder of the Elf Foundation, a non-profit organization that created Room of Magic entertainment theaters in children's hospitals across North America.

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