Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Preview

By Jason Takahashi
Published on: October 5, 2018

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After having worked and attended dozens of often hot and dusty live music festivals over the years, I’m particularly excited to head indoors this autumn to check out the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and hear what the latest and greatest in high-end audio has to offer. RAMF kicks off its 2018 event this Friday, October 5th, at the Denver Tech Center with an impressive array of exhibitors, products, presentations; as well as live performances. I’ll be taking my first trip down what appears to be a serious sonic rabbit hole with the goal of hearing some frequencies I’ve never heard before, while also tapping into what clearly appears to be a vast reservoir of audio wisdom.

Upon first glance of the Saturday schedule, the dynamics of the seminar line-up quickly stood out. Starting with some introductory talks on the future of the high-end space, things quickly start to warm-up with a listening session of one my personal favorite records, Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall, on a Grand Prix turntable coupled with a Jeff Rowland Design Group Daemon integrated amplifier and Aberdeen Audio loudspeakers. Following a communal discussion of the classic album listening session, attendees will have the chance to hear from Michael Howe (current VP of AR/Client Relations at Invenium and Chief Archivist of the Prince Estate) speak on the legacy of the content that drives the need for such well-designed systems.

Then, the inner-geek in me is definitely curious about a demonstration about circuit design put on by Japanese audio design legends Korg. Entitled Designing Circuits with the NuTube, Korg shares discoveries and insights related to their hyper compact and energy-efficient ‘vacuum tube on a chip’. From there, it’s hard to say where the show will take me, but however it all ends up coming together, one thing I’m certain of is that I’ll be keeping two eyes out for where the future and the past meet, while letting my ears do most of the work.

Check back in a couple weeks for a full review of my day at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018!

Jason Takahashi

Jason Takahashi

Jason is a contributing editor for Technology Designer Magazine and the Technology Insider Group. After five years in live concert production specializing in visual design and motion graphics for large-scale video setups, Jason has since taken up working with Denver’s youth to help kick-start the next generation of creative technologists.

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