Savant: The Disruptors – In a Good Way

By Douglas Weinstein
Published on: September 9, 2017

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Savant has been disrupting technology sectors in the residential integration marketplace for years. Innovation is what drives them. And now they are disrupting the window treatment industry with a new motorized roller shade system that delivers unique integrator benefits; an area of innovation many manufacturers have long forgotten.

Savant partnered with James Geiger, of JGeiger Shading Technology, a leader in roller shade design.  JGeiger’s design coupled with Savant’s control delivers the most innovative motorized window treatment solution on the market, simplifying installation and configuration. All Savant custom window treatment products, from fabrics to installations are custom-manufactured to exact specifications and installed exclusively by professionally trained and authorized Savant Integrators.

Simplicity by Design

Savant’s cutting-edge technology meets minimalist hardware design in a seamless solution.  Each installation provides a pristine and unique aesthetic for every space and style.

What is not necessary should be eliminated. What is necessary – for form, for function, for beauty – remains, nothing more. To be modern is to be clean, intelligent, uncomplicated, and stunning.

James Geiger, JGeiger Founder and President

Savant roller shades offer a fascia-free design that means the end of unsightly wires, screws and fasteners. Savant’s window treatments represent an extension of the architect’s ambitions, instead of being in competition with them. Since architects and interior designers are looking for window treatment solutions that complement the aesthetic of the space, Savant roller shades will meet every expectation with seamless design and the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

I’m really looking forward to adding Savant shades to our inventory immediately. I’ve worked with other shading systems and I’m a huge fan of Savant’s approach.  I’m impressed with the look, the simplicity, and the color palate; it’s a perfect fit for what I do. If these shades stand up to Savant’s brand reputation for super performing luxury home products, I’m confident this will be a winner for many of my clients.

Peggy Ryan Marchese, Upstaged

Savant’s simplicity in design approach to roller shades begins with the physical mounting of the shade brackets (both jamb and floating mount brackets are available), tubes and motors, and then once everything is physically in place, integrators measure and order fabric. The result is Savant will supply perfectly cut fabric every time.  Savant’s streamlined measurement and ordering process will impress even the most experienced shading integrators and give those who have shied away previously the confidence to take advantage of the fastest growing category in home automation.

Ease of Installation & Configuration

When it comes time for our two-step installation, the same meticulous care Savant has put into design also translates into assuring integrators get the perfect fit every time. Integrators use the trim phase of the project to install brackets, tubes and motors (without fabric).  And then once fabric arrives and the jobsite is clean, integrators will quickly install the fabric into the working system.

The end result is that integrators will spend less time measuring, less time worrying about what’s in-stock and no time losing sleep wondering when their shipment will be on their doorstep. Savant has made it as pain free as possible!

Best of all, interior designers and architecture colleagues will know that with a professionally trained Savant Integrator, they can expect expert advice, precise measurements, high quality manufacturing, professional installation and total project management that equates to a complete package of unmatched value and peace of mind.

I participated in the beta program for shades, and was extremely excited about the shade offering from Savant. Ease of design, a wide variety of fabrics, and universal mounting applications. Roller tube cutting and installation is a breeze and the fabric is super easy to transfer to the roller tube. Most importantly, the programming is perfectly integrated with the Racepoint BluePrint Platform.

Mathew Campbell, Campbell Audio Video Inc.


Savant shades have a very impressive look and feel and will enhance our relationships with interior designers and provide more business.  The design reduces ordering and installation time and will lead to much higher satisfaction rates with our clients.  The shipping system where 10 shades fit in one box and also double as the installation work station will greatly cut down on the clutter and chaos during the busy end of job time, making it better for our relationship with the trades on the job site as well as the client.

Paul Hughes, Blackpoint Technology

New Savant Shade Designer

Savant’s new Shade Designer, available via the ‘Savant Shades’ tab on the Savant Community, allows integrators to design and quote projects start to finish and simply add them to an online cart for purchase on the Savant Store.  This new design tool is web-based, allowing multiple employees to access the project throughout the life cycle of the job.

Douglas Weinstein

Douglas Weinstein

Doug is the managing editor and co-founder of the Technology Insider Group. Previously, he was the co-founder and Executive Director of the Elf Foundation, a non-profit organization that created Room of Magic entertainment theaters in children's hospitals across North America.

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