Seasonal Magic

By Claude Schmidt
Published on: September 5, 2019

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Growing up, I marked the passing of the year by taking note of the seasons. Each came with a change in the weather, and a refreshing new perspective on things happening in my life. The seasons were my personal metronome for the passing of the year. Fall is still my favorite, as it ushers in cooler weather, football, and quality-time with family and friends.

In consumer electronics, fall triggers the “Busy Season”. It is a time when heavy promotional activity ahead of, during, and after Black Friday – leading-up to Christmas itself – will set the land into a buying frenzy, generating sales receipts totaling nearly 40 percent of annual business volume. All of it mind-blowingly conducted over two short months – November and December.

Fall also brings with it some memorable Audio Show events that have become a part of my life. Personal favorites include the New York Audio Show in Manhattan and The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) which is held in Denver, Colorado. One presents an idyllic setting for audiophiles, enthusiasts, high-end audio gear and curated musical discovery. The other does the same, but is surrounded by an air of excitement that smacks of Holiday Season giddiness.

It’s just a picturesque setting – mile-high Denver, Colorado in all its fall glory. The leaves a vivid blend of red and brown and deep golden hues, the air crisp and, well, fall-like. It’s also colleagues, audio enthusiasts, -philes, and music fans converging upon the Denver Hi-Fi scene.

But it isn’t really all about the curated arrangements of high-end gear painstakingly demonstrated to avid listeners. It’s not all about the fantastic musical gems, each specifically chosen to elicit the best from each and every system. RMAF is Christmas come early and infused with every bit of the excitement, surprise, and joy.

Okay, perhaps I am going a bit too far in suggesting that fall and RMAF go together like mac and cheese. While each industry has its “SHOW”, there’s no denying the magical synergy that erupts when people come together to groove on the same thing. No matter how magnificent the product, the relationships with colleagues and customers, the go-to-market plans, and even the sidebar drama, it’s that magical synergy that keeps me energized. And the seasons continue to be my personal metronome. I look forward to seeing you all at RMAF!

Claude Schmidt

Claude Schmidt

Claude has touched audio in the Field and from Headquarters as a Product Expert, Content Marketer, Spokesperson, Radio Producer, Voice Actor, and most recently Marketing Director. He loves to challenge himself, understand the “how” of things, and roll up his sleeves to deliver innovative products and engaging marketing initiatives.

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