Sit Quietly Through the Storm

By George McKechnie
Published on: December 21, 2018

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Every week, readers of The Insider e-newsletter are treated to the latest business acumen and advice.  Everything from how to grow your business, to understanding new technologies, to coming to grips with a sometimes overwhelming universe is covered.

I wrote this poem for myself, family and friends as a reminder of what is truly important in achieving a rich and fulfilling life. So in addition to all of the excellent business coverage on this site, I would like to share “Sit Quietly Through the Storm” with TIG readers:

Claiming your true self in an over-stimulating world is a triumph of reflection and hope over distraction and doubt.

We each carry within us remnants of our parents’ fears and follies. These attitudes can be held so deeply and firmly that only abrupt change can uncover them—like river-bed fossils unearthed by unremitting rains.

Likewise the serendipities of childhood, which can aggregate over time into a matrix of adult certitudes. These too are exposed and scoured by the eroding waters of change. Once revealed, they may be examined. Oh Lord, give me the courage to endure these excavations!

Our lives are too full. It is no small achievement to see clearly through the haze of daily pre-occupation and fatigue, and gather strength to explore our personal roots.

Yet the task must be engaged—even at the expense of daily comfort or pressing demands— if you are to find a balance between inner truth and outer necessity. For no enduring peace  will come until you understand and embrace the contours of your inner life.

The process is elusive and—paradoxically—may not bear close scrutiny. Insights evaporate when pursued with vigor. Better to let the images and feelings settle upon you, like mists before a rain, and accept the inconvenience of an odd inspiration or unaccounted tear.

Once embraced, the true self becomes an unshakable fortress against the storms of fear and dread. How else to accept with equanimity the great vulnerabilities of life: personal loss, the indignities of an aging body, or one’s powerlessness in the larger world?

But more than simply sheltering us from these blows, the true self concentrates energy, and redirects it from the material and personal toward the spiritual and universal. Self transforms loss into renewal, and disappointment into an understanding and acceptance of what must be.

Long ago you were given a place upon this great sphere. Now inhabit it fully, and make it your own. Sit quietly through the storm, reflect upon all that you hold dear—and accept the gift that only you can give.

Forgive those who cultivate self-absorption, turmoil, or dread. No need to engage with those who refuse to understand. It is enough to share your life with those who do.

Embrace—above all else—the sacred dictates of time: explore more fully your own inner being; celebrate the friends and loved ones who accept and support your growth; and encourage others in their own journeys of self-discovery.



George McKechnie

George McKechnie

George McKechnie is President of Axiom Home Tech in Monterey, CA, which he founded in 1999. He has written on Home Automation topics for various trade publications, and consults with venture capital funds, investment banks, and manufacturers on competitive factors in this sector.

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