Story Telling on the Rise

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: March 19, 2021

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Social media marketers are predicting a fundamental shift in the primary way content is shared on social media. For some years, News Feeds have been at the top of daily active use, fueled by Facebook and Snapchat. The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the rise of Stories, led by WhatsApp and Instagram.

One of the reasons stories are gaining in popularity over highly produced content is the ‘live in the moment’ attitude of Millennials. Mobile devices and short attention spans are tailor-made for short-lived and in-the-moment content.

Content is king. Story telling is becoming the new king. How are you at story telling?

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at

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