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By Mike Anderson
Published on: November 8, 2019

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I wanted to share some good technology news with everyone involved with TIG. No, it’s not another voice-activated speaker that can order napkins online or another DIY app where you can use your iPad to turn off the lights. This new technology system addresses a subject that unfortunately is too often in the news. Firearms in public places.

When shootings take place in public areas such as schools and office buildings, early responders often must work through conflicting and confusing information to determine exactly what happened, where it happened, and the best way to respond. In these kinds of situations, early and accurate information can save minutes. Saving minutes saves lives.

A recent patent filing from our team at AVidea Group describes a system that could help save those minutes and save countless lives. We call it The Detector.

The Detector is a low-cost IoT (Internet of Things) device that communicates via Wi-Fi to a cloud-based server-processor. Detectors are installed in each room and common areas of a building. Each Detector monitors up to 9,000 cubic feet. The unique triangular shaped device unobtrusively installs in a ceiling corner and connects to the existing Wi-Fi network.

In the event of any loud noise, the Detector sends the audio and motion data to a secure cloud server. A sophisticated machine learning algorithm processes the data from multiple detectors and determines if it is an actual firearm discharge, the location of the event, the type of firearm (i.e. pistol, rifle, shotgun), the mode of fire (i.e. single action, semi-automatic, fully-automatic), an estimate of the weapon’s caliber, and the number of shots fired. These calculations are performed within milliseconds. If a firearm has been discharged, the information is reported immediately in our iminate app and via text or e-mail as specified by the user (authorities can be alerted directly and immediately).

The system is surprisingly affordable. The Detectors retail for $69.95 and the annual cost of monitoring and processing is only $199.95 per site. We think this a great application of technology that might save some lives down the line. I’m really proud of our team and how they have shaped technology to provide a real benefit for the public.

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Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Mike is the CEO of AVidea Group, a firm that provides product development service for consumer technology companies. Previously, he was founder and president of TiO, and worked in the industry for notable manufacturers Russound, Niles Audio and JVC. He holds an MBA from Cal State.

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