The 5000 Series

By Technology Insider
Published on: June 21, 2019

Introducing the 5000 Series

New Integrated Amplifiers from Mark Levinson

In a world of music featuring both streaming and vinyl sources, there is still nothing like beautiful musical fidelity delivered via an integrated amplifier and a pair of elegant speakers. With today’s hi-res streaming capabilities and the wealth of content both digital and analogue we all have at home, listening has never been easier. We realize the convenience of Sonos and have nothing against convenience over quality. That’s a personal choice. But when the music matters . . . . .

The Nº5805 and Nº5802 were created to deliver all of the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson while implementing state of the art features and efficiencies gained from decades of superlative audio engineering. With a brand new industrial design, fully discrete PurePath circuitry, Mark Levinson PrecisionLink II DAC, MainDrive headphone power, and potent dual monaural class AB amplification, the Nº5805 and Nº5802 deliver luxurious fidelity with premium features and flexibility.



The Nº5805 features analog and digital inputs, while the Nº5802 has digital inputs only. Four digital audio inputs are provided: one coaxial and two optical S/PDIF, and one asynchronous USB for playback of high resolution PCM (up to 32 bit/384kHz) and DSD (up to 11.2MHz) files. The No 5805 includes MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which enables playback of MQA audio files and streams. A Bluetooth receiver equipped with aptX-HD enables the highest quality Bluetooth playback available.

The Nº5805 and Nº5802 are proudly designed, engineered, and precision-crafted in the USA.

Take an up-close look here.

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