The Wellness Equation

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Published on: June 29, 2018

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Paul Scialla, founder of Delos, spoke at the HTSA (Home Theater Specialists of America) Spring Conference. This article first appeared in the HTSA Insight magazine and is used with permission.

THE WELLNESS EQUATION: A Home Is Not Smart If It Is Not Healthy

“Wellness” is a word making news all around the planet. HTSA and its members are set to reap the benefits of “wellness” through a burgeoning partnership with Delos, a company that’s been developing a building wellness program. Explained Delos Founder Paul Scialla as he addressed the HTSA members, “As the U.S. Green Building Council made tremendous inroads with their LEED certification program that highlights a building’s impact on the environment, Delos looks at how a space affects those people living or working inside that building. The company focuses on design that improves personal wellness in several key areas: air, water and lighting qualities, and temperature and acoustical comfort.”

The pending partnership with Delos and HTSA will bring them front and center with the high-end residential community that Delos believes to be even more critical to its mission. And, unlike the LEED program, which added a premium of 10 to 15 percent when the program first launched, Delos has been able to keep the WELL program’s standards at a level where the premium added to any given project is less than 1 percent of normal construction costs.

Paul Scialla introduced HTSA members to the Darwin platform, which is a piece of software that, “Sits at the intersection of quantified space and quantified self. The platform allows all connected technology in a resident’s home to speak and share data, and then output that data to the user – the goal being to provide information about the current conditions within the home. The Darwin home health monitoring system will be able to tap into data provided by a user’s fitness band, for example, and adjust the in-home conditions – things like temperature, the HVAC unit, and lighting – to improve that person’s physical wellbeing.”

Delos is asking that Darwin take the environments we’re living and working in, understand its impact on our health, and make it adapt to us. A complete departure from how humans have always lived. This provides the integrator with a completely different narrative – just like we are witnessing with lighting – that the integrator can talk to their customers about. When people can improve their environment and ultimately their health, they will listen and buy.

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