Tips for Online Videos

By Eric Schwartz
Published on: May 1, 2020

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People are watching video online more than ever and that trend is only going to continue to spiral upwards. It only makes sense for you to incorporate video into your social and online messaging, staying current with consumer trends.

Videos are great for introducing new products, highlighting your company and the services you provide, and connecting with new audiences who might not know exactly what you do and who you are. If you’re thinking about creating some in-house videos to get started, here are a few tips I can pass along.

Where will the videos be posted? You probably already have a social media strategy and have some feel for where your audience is online. The same goes for video and where you should post. Other things to consider along these lines include what device (phone, tablet, PC) your audience is most likely to use to view your videos and how much time your audience will give you to put out your message.

The Message. What is your message? What’s the purpose of your message? Like any other advertising campaign, you need to know who you’re talking to and what you want to tell that person. And – very important – you should test-drive that message before shooting it out for all the world to see.

Learn a video editing app. There are tons of video editing apps. Do some research, experiment with a few, then pick one and then learn it. You don’t have to become a Hollywood film editor, but you should make an effort to put out a reasonably clean video.

Don’t get too slick! While you should do some basic editing, you don’t have to be super slick. Don’t feel pressured to have to produce state-of-the-art videos – speak from the heart, be brief, and have some fun.


Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz

Eric is the founder of Catapult Communications, offering brand awareness and sales strategies to strengthen clients' go-to-market offerings. He is also the co-founder and publisher of Technology Designer Magazine, Website and e-newsletter. Presently a Consultant to CTA’s i3 Magazine. Past recipient of The Torch of Liberty Award by the ADL. Eric also Co-chairs the Annual ADL Consumer Technology Dinner. Launched CEWEEK, an event for innovative companies to meet the press, retailers and investment community. Eric, also launched Future Vision which was an Executive Level event designed to build relationships that yield future business.

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