To Bulk Upload Content or Not

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: December 25, 2020

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I ran into an interesting situation I want to share with everyone. I recently used a bulk upload feature in a social media management platform for a client to save time on their Twitter account. I used this bulk upload feature for three weeks. Out of curiosity, I checked the engagement analytics. That’s where things started to unravel!

The bulk upload platform killed the analytics on engagement. Tagging is not available, and I have to upload in CVS format in Excel, which made the content wacky. And, the links didn’t shrink (a key feature you definitely must have). Photo previews from articles did not always show up once they posted to Twitter. That then entailed having to manually upload photos not connected to the articles. Finally, sometimes when scheduling, the program would display error messages for no reason. Logging out of the platform and trying again seemed to work – but added time to my work load that the upload platform was supposed to be helping with. Argh!

Take Aways. Bulk uploading does not replace a human when it comes to social media. Bulk uploading will come in handy for scheduled vacations – but that is about it.

One week of using the bulk uploading feature will not hurt your analytics, but one should not use this feature often because of the damage it does to your analytics and engagement.

The bulk upload platform advertises that their product will save time and can be used frequently – my experience is if you rely on a bulk upload platform as a social media manager, you will lose your job.

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at

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