VOICE CONTROL: Mainstream Cultural Acceptance Well on Its Way

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Published on: July 6, 2018

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This article appeared first in HTSA Insight magazine and is used with permission.

HTSA invited Josh.ai founder Alex Capecelatro to talk about his company’s efforts in voice control, as well as where the technology is, why the platform is the fu­ture, and how HTSA dealer/integrators can capitalize.

Apple launched Siri in 2011 and since then the technology has greatly improved. Voice services have improved to an accuracy level that is now beyond 95 percent. That, combined with wider cultural accept­ance, the rise of IoT products, and the tons of data that’s been collected, have all contributed to the customer’s intrigue with voice control.

Capecelatro pointed out that voice over type inter­faces is hugely efficient. “The typical human can speak around 150 words per minute, but they only type at roughly 40 words per minute. That speed and efficiency – especially when it’s translated accurately – makes for an ideal experience. The accuracy of voice control services has reached a real tipping point. Also 39 million Americans already own a smart speaker so there is a comfort factor involved.”

Benefits Capecelatro pointed out are: that “wow” factor for the customer when things just work (plus it has a futuristic quality their neighbors and friends will want!), service plans as add-ons and the just plain ease-of-use when using your voice to control a system. This has been a case of all boats rising due to the major marketing campaigns surrounding Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Said Capecelatro, “Voice is only going to improve as a platform with some of the things I see coming: voice control everywhere (likely tied to a reliable 5G network), local voice processing that doesn’t rely on an internet connection to work, speaker detection (mean­ing being able to distinguish who is actually talking to the voice assistant), and more.

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