Who Put Old Pigweed in the Mulligan Stew?

By Carol Campbell
Published on: March 9, 2018

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The title of this article comes from a lovely Mark Knopfler song (see this week’s video!). But that’s not what I want to talk about. I wanted to talk about an interesting comment I heard from a friend – the division she works in has a new boss. And he’s a screamer. But that’s not really what I want to talk about either. I’ve covered that topic before.

What I want to talk about is what popped into my head when she relayed the news that she would now be directly reporting to a screamer. And that’s the awesome business book I’m sure you’ve read – Good to Great, by Jim Collins. Here’s why that popped into my head – one of the main themes in the book is how great companies get the right butts in the right seats on the bus; so they can react to the marketplace with agility. It’s a total team effort. Coordinated and agile.

My point being, just one bad apple can sour the mix. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an entrepreneurial company or an innovation team – you need cohesion and communication and passion to succeed. One bad individual carries so much weight – doubt and anger and fear can spread in a flash and completely compromise an effective team. The bottom line is, you really do need to choose wisely.

Remember, you need everyone in the boat rowing in the same direction. And that’s what I wanted to talk about.

“Who put old pigweed in the mulligan, was it you? I closed my eyes for just a minute, what did you do? Who put old pigweed in the mulligan stew?”

Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell is the Managing Director of the Technology Insider Group, Publisher of Technology Designer Magazine, and Executive Director of the Women in Consumer Technology association. She is a publishing, marketing and women’s thought leadership executive with a history of offering outstanding presentation, communication and cross-cultural team management skills.

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