Women in CT Forum 2018 Recap

By Technology Insider
Published on: June 22, 2018

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Thanks to everyone who turned out for Forum 2018 in NYC this week! It was great to have you there and we love reading your comments from the Survey Monkey. Please visit our site and post a review when you get a minute.

We are especially pleased by the responses from some of the younger women in attendance. Regardless of age or experience, the Imposter Syndrome came up as a recurring topic from several of our great speakers.

Thanks Sara Trujillo for sharing this link with us yesterday morning on that topic posted on Time Magazine. Be sure to share with your friends and associates. https://ti.me/2K7Fl8Y

We will be posting selected videos from the Forum 2018 in upcoming issue of The Insider.

Carol Campbell

Brigadier General Laura Yeager

Congressman Sean Maloney

Yao Huang

Karyn Schoenbart
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