Your Customers Are Thinking About a 4K Display. Do You Have the Answers?

By Jennifer Duke
Published on: December 1, 2017

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Your customers have heard about the 4K viewing experience at the same time that professional cameras have moved on to 10K resolution. And the new HDMI 2.1 specification was just in the news. It was just released to support 10K and dynamic HDR (which today’s 4K TVs do not support). So don’t be surprised if you get questions from your customers.

In other words, with so many of your potential customers weary of buying technology they thought was state-of-the-art, only to see upgraded new tech immediately thereafter, how do you clinch the sale for 4K now? Especially with 8K products looming.

Savvy TV manufacturers and dealer/integrators know that the consumer will get a good 5+ years out of their 4K purchase and sales are starting out brisk this holiday season. But will that trend continue and for how long?

Your Customer is Bound to Look At: Price versus Performance

Buying a new television is an investment that takes time to consider. There are displays that have different features and capabilities, but 4K has become the standard on high-end displays. Take a step back and think about your customer’s priorities in purchasing a new television set. The two main questions are:

  • What is their budget?
  • How do they use their television?

The answers they give will help determine what type of viewing experience you can advise your customer on.

If they are buying a display for a family room, dedicated home theater, or professional setting, their budget will likely be geared towards a larger screen size. Since 4K provides four times as many pixels as standard HD viewing, large screen formats are all switching to 4K. This provides a clearer picture with more realistic quality. It is also important to remember that with the picture quality that 4K delivers, your customer can sit closer to a larger screen than ever before. An important—and convincing—talking point when your customer has a smaller room, but still wants a large display.

Price is an important issue for some consumers as well. The price on a large screen 4K display is still significantly more than a 1080P set, so some consumers will need convincing on whether they want the biggest screen size possible or the best picture quality possible, vis-à-vis their budget.

Upselling The Delivery System

Your customer doesn’t necessarily have to go out and buy a 4K DVD player and/or other 4K delivery systems (Apple TV 4K, Kaleidescape high-end movie theater servers, and Netflix 4K pilot programs), but why invest in a 4K TV if they aren’t going to feed it a 4K signal?

And what about all those new cables they’ll need to hook everything up? Do they need a large wall mount or stand? How about a universal remote, seating and speakers, speakers, speakers! They need it all!

Speaking of Speakers

It is shocking how many sales people let their customers walk out the door and don’t try to upsell them a full surround-sound system with subwoofer(s) . . . and the power and control that makes the theater experience real.

Speaker technology has changed as well. Your customer may have never heard of a Dolby Atmos system. Demo it for them, let them hear for themselves the nuances as they feel like they’re inside the action as the sounds of people, music, and things come alive with realism and move all around them in a three-dimensional space. Push that audio system!

In addition to the audio demo, why not show them a side-by-side comparison of an HDTV and a 4K rig, and feed both displays with a Blu-ray disc, for a real world test. Your customer can just go to Best Buy if they want; give them a reason to come to you.

At the end of the day, when they look at screen size, resolution, supporting viewing platforms and accessories, they will walk out of your store happy with the expertise, time and patience you have shared with them and ready for at-home entertainment excitement.

Reviews are all over the Internet saying 4K is such a dramatic experience. Your customers have probably talked to their friends and neighbors that have a 4K display in their home. They are ready to buy. Are you prepared to sell?

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer is an SEO specialist at and a content writer for Kaleidescape. She loves learning about the next big thing and finding how it relates to the average consumer.

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