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By Marilyn Sanford
Published on: September 5, 2018

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Why We Started LincEdge and How It Can Put Money In Your Pocket!

LincEdge is North America’s first and only mobile app that makes it possible for users to safely source and share labor resources. After having hosted a successful beta launch, the application went live August 11, 2018 for all skilled trades in the construction industry, initially in the Pacific Northwest.

What is LincEdge?

LincEdge is a tool that makes it easy to build a Trusted Partner community to both offer and source skilled labor. The network consists of businesses and independent contractors interested in sourcing and or offering quality skilled trade services. Labor can be sourced within a particular trade such as Custom Integrators, Plumbers and Electricians, or across specialties to tap into other trades as needed. It can also be a great tool for out of town projects.  Users on the network can both offer and source skilled labor, as their situation dictates.

Why LincEdge

LincEdge was created to address the difficulties of finding skilled trades, especially as senior experienced workers retire. Additionally, and especially in construction, firms can be stressed when many sites complete concurrently, challenging both quality and timelines.  While firms can undergo serious pressure when in peak demand, they can also experience quiet times waiting for starts or site readiness. There is always capacity within the Industry that is not typically visible or accessible. Using LincEdge and creating a network of trades that are trusted and dependable, can make it easier to navigate both quieter times and peak pressures. The results are greater profitability as well as happier customers and employees.

Raising the bar in the industry

Trades take pride in their workmanship. LincEdge envisions creating a ‘trust score’ that reflects a commitment to quality workmanship. The first phase, verification, is currently being rolled out. LincEdge checks years in business, insurance coverage, supplier references and endorsements. Users can remain on the network without verification, however, having it provides a level of assurance to potential trusted partners. It will be interesting on many levels to follow user preferences and see how many choose to engage this first and fundamental level of our Trust Score.

Unlike verification, all users will be required to participate in confidential ratings after using the system, whether sourcing or providing labor. LincEdge plans to complete the full Trust Score by Q1 2019, with a vision to raise the bar and provide a dynamic index that is respected and celebrates excellence.   Check LincEdge out at: www.lincedge.com

Marilyn Sanford

Marilyn Sanford

Marilyn Sanford is the President of LincEdge, a software developer which supports accessing and sharing labor resources across the CI channel. She is a CPA, a CEDIA Fellow and co-founded an award-winning custom install firm whose success spanned 23 years.

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