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By Bruno Napoli
Published on: November 11, 2017

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In France, we have a great baking tradition. And all good bakeries strive to have a corner of their shop window showing the baker kneading the dough and putting it in the oven. People in the street want to see how bread is made, they want to see men and women working; it builds confidence and above all it gives bread a human dimension. It gives it a story. Believe it or not, bread is way better when you know a human being made it by hand.

Most of the time, when I’m visiting the website or reading the booklet/catalog/documentation of a Home Technology Professional, it always looks the same: an assortment of nice photos of luxury interiors and exterior apartments/villas and sometimes a TV on a wall. If you are not aware of what the company is doing, it could be the documentation of a Real Estate agent or maybe a luxury furniture shop. And as most people don’t read any text but only look at the pretty pictures, in the end they’ll never know what you are really capable of. At the very least, CI channel websites look like a hunting trophy catalog – “Hey, look at all the rich clients I slayed!” Honestly, it sucks.

Aren’t you proud of your work? I mean, where are the beautiful racks, the nice cabling with identification tags, all the technology you installed? Where is your story? You should put photos of your trucks, your team with the tool belt full of screwdrivers drilling holes on top of a ladder. Come on guys, be proud of your work! What is the interest of showing the work of the architect and the interior designer? Did they pay you for doing this? Why aren’t you showcasing your incredible skills and the behind-the-scene imagery of your installations?

Another problem of showing only photos of nice villas or apartments is the fact that architecture and interior design are VERY subjective. What’s nice for someone isn’t for someone else. So, if you show only your top high-end modern design home, your old fashioned conservative clients that love wood everywhere will not recognize themselves in this and vice versa. And if you show all types of houses, it will definitely look like a Real Estate catalog.

I know what you’re thinking: too much technology is boring, it’s not sexy and it might scare our clients. But in the end, they buy your “savoir faire”, so you better not to be shy and show it up front. All your communications should look like a storyboard of what’s going to happen, including photos of your team members, your office, your warehouse, someone designing plans, your trucks, your tool boxes, your certifications and men at work! I want a guy on top of a ladder installing in-ceiling speakers, I want two guys on a mobile scaffold tower installing a home cinema screen, I want a guy connecting stuff in the AV rack, one guy with a laptop programing stuff and someone at your office answering the phone when it’s time for service and support. Once you have all those photos on your website, then step two is to use those images to make a two minute video that will be on the home page that immediately informs the viewer of exactly who and what they are going to be doing business with.

Remember: You are not here to sell any electronic brand in particular or your ability of hunting rich clients. You are here to sell you, your team, your company, what you do, your story as a human being.

Bruno Napoli

Bruno Napoli

Bruno is a French self-made serial entrepreneur and blogger based in Paris and a 25 year veteran in the residential AV industry. Along with his brother Julien, he runs Krika, a company providing residential network system-wide management solutions.

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