About us

Change that has been driven by the Internet has triggered an over-abundance of information and communication within our consumer technology industry. As a result, traditional media companies have been massively disrupted.  For the readers of B2B publications, a great deal of content is merely aggregated product announcements and press releases.  Our group saw an opportunity to:

  • Evolve to a new intelligence society and present agile, entrepreneurial articles from recognized thought leaders with intelligent analysis so people can make better-informed decisions regarding their businesses.
  • Showcase voices within the greater community, including stakeholders such as builders, architects and interior designers, as well as up-and-coming technology innovators.
  • Provide a range of services that compliments this new social order, with targeted marketing campaigns, thought-provoking events and custom publishing projects that elevate and inspire.

Carol Campbell

Managing Director | Partner

Maureen Jenson


Douglas Weinstein

Editor | Partner

Advisory Board

Our advisors represent a diverse cross-section of technology and industry experts who will provide us with input regarding the direction our conversations and articles will take.  We want to keep our news fresh, our viewpoints relevant and our business articles impactful.

Ann Zeller


Joe Piccirilli

RoseWater Energy

Steven Greenberg

Innovation Insider

Eric Bodley

Future Ready Solutions

Paul Sabbah

Stamford International

Vin Bruno


Andrea Smith

Independent Journalist

Greg Keys

Digital Access, Inc

Susan Pechman

The NPD Group

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