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By Jason Takahashi
Published on: September 14, 2018

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Navigating the social landscape is a unique task for every player in the space. With so many approaches to choose from, it’s easy to get lost or even complacent in discovering new ways to communicate via the social web. Especially how you appear different from the methods employed by your peers. One of the time-tested ways to expand your social reach is to find ways to align your content with the bottomless stream of high-traffic content: popular culture.

There are many approaches to this line of content design, but here’s a few points to keep in mind:

Calendar Dates. Every industry has noteworthy days of the year worth talking about. This past week, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Mosaic web browser, while this summer marks the 25th year anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park. Whatever the day may be, there are countless reasons to remember and celebrate our history and more importantly, our progress (see: Google Doodles).

Current Events. Much like deep diving into historical events, keeping proper tabs on the latest happenings of the present can also pay off in your social media visibility. Being a source for breaking news, tweets, memes, and updates can help keep traction, while expanding your reach and taking part in the daily conversation of the web. Commenting on other postings and bringing fresh information that will inspire readers to come to you is also an effective way to utilize the existing news stream to add visibility to your brand.

Culture Cameos. Every once in a while, you might get lucky when a major pop culture event alludes to your business or work. These occurrences are not always a direct endorsement, but often act more like a cameo appearance. For example, last week’s episode of the Showtime hit BILLIONS, featured a brilliant scene in a fictional northern Californian venture capitalist’s smart home. Viewers not only got to see what voice activated smart living might look and feel like, but were also gifted a rare and intimate scene with one of the most mysterious and beloved new characters. While I don’t wish to spoil anything for anyone planning to watch, I can say that the scene caused a stir in the press and blogosphere, demonstrating how unique cultural happenings are often the lifeblood of organic digital discussion.

Whatever your specialty or industry, sit down and brainstorm what types of things can you share about your product that aren’t directly about your product itself. How does your brand find a way to be a part of the ongoing conversation of the web? How can you feed those readers and viewers who are as passionate about home audio, video and custom integrated technology as you are? When thinking about it, try out some of these ideas and be open to whatever new ones may arise.


Jason Takahashi

Jason Takahashi

Jason is a contributing editor for Technology Designer Magazine and the Technology Insider Group. After five years in live concert production specializing in visual design and motion graphics for large-scale video setups, Jason has since taken up working with Denver’s youth to help kick-start the next generation of creative technologists.

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