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Published on: April 19, 2019

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CEDIA Best Integrated Home – Global

CEDIA Best Integrated Home – Americas, Level 4

CEDIA Best Dressed Rack

CEDIA Documentation

San Diego’s Land & Sea Entertainment won every top honor for CEDIA 2017 Best Integrated Home – starting with the trifecta: Integrated Home Level IV, Best Dressed Rack and Best Documentation (Americas)  on-board the deck of the USS Midway.  Advancing to the finals in London and proudly representing the USA, Land & Sea Entertainment is the first to bring home the ultimate honor, Global Best Integrated Home 2017. One project, four top awards.

This amazing residence took 2.5 years to complete. They’ve worked with the clients since 1990 and have a thorough understanding of their expectations, put to the test with constant evolution throughout the project.  They needed to be nimble while maintaining the quality control.

The Normans and Land & Sea Entertainment won CEDIA Best Integrated Home Level IV in 2003 for their primary residence in Nevada, but they were raised here and have large families and countless friends in Southern California.  It was time to raise the bar for beachfront living in San Diego and they wanted their new vacation residence to be as nice as any upscale hotel in the area.

But above all else, their prime directive was to have a system that could be used by anyone, with little or no instruction. That was achieved by offering guests their choice of controller options, all optimized with the power of Crestron.

Starting off, sound quality had to be epic; able to outperform the ocean for starters. The project received tremendous speaker manufacturer support from Origin Acoustics, Sunfire, JL Audio Labs and Artison.

“Epic sound begins with epic sound reinforcement and there is no other manufacturer on the planet that makes a more high performance and versatile multi zone sound system than Crestron Sonnex, a true go-to product for us. Having more than four times the headroom power of most systems out there, housewide sound can be rich and full range, without having to be loud. Crestron’s built-in Digital Signal Processing tools (DSP) allows us to take a laptop room-by-room and fine-tune the soundfield for each individual area.  It’s completely changed how we design audio systems”, says Terry Morton.

While Land & Sea had been a Sonos dealer for some time, this emerged as a founding project of the new Crestron | Sonos Endorsed Partner Program. Sonos was the first to accommodate this home thanks to an unexpected personal connection with the owners. This was immediately followed by Crestron.  Both partners made sure the Norman’s had the latest versions of hardware to provide the best of both the Crestron and Sonos experiences, in a way never before possible.

The Normans also stepped up as veteran early adopters to allow the team the resources to  shake-out the programming necessary to run the full native Sonos app on Crestron’s latest touch panels as well as with Crestron remotes in each of the guest rooms. To this day, no other endorsed partner currently supports this level of integration.

The Normans in return, offered their home for the kickoff of a six city Crestron | Sonos tour with 100 Southern California dealers attending, in a fully functioning house full of tech.  “It was a proud day, all our systems worked perfectly in front of all our peers” says Morton.

Land & Sea along with all Crestron dealers were pleasantly surprised to suddenly be able to order the entire Sonos product line directly through Crestron at pricing beyond the reach of most smaller companies, adding more to their bottom line.

Security systems were paramount, beginning with a covert/overt Mobotix-HoloVision HD multi-sensor camera system that communicates with other systems via Crestron. You cannot approach from any direction without multi-camera-sensor capture. The security system also ties into other functions such as lighting.

The network is rock solid, monitored by Domotz Pro and remotely manageable via UniFi and OvrC.  There is an extensive IP power management system as the family welcomed the ability to remotely monitor the heartbeat of the house systems. Another first welcomes Crestron Pyng, which allows the clients to make their own edits to any of their lighting scenes if they choose.

Land & Sea were also closely involved with every sub-system on the property, because the end result required everything to function using Crestron control. For the audio system that meant 26 digital and analogue sources covering 25 zones of stereo and multi-channel audio.

The video system is comprised of two 4K sources, 14 2K sources and covers a total of 10 video zones within the property.  Slated to be re-fit with Crestron’s latest NVX series Digital Media now that true 4K video over IP is a reality.

Additionally, the Crestron system controls the massive lighting infrastructure, including low voltage (264 channels of DMX512 accent lighting, Crestron infiNEt-126 dimmers, switches, 3-ways and combos)

Nothing to date compares with the incredible Surf and Beach High Intensity LED Lighting, featuring six high-power 50” dual LED light bar surf lights (upper) and six mid-power 50” LED light surf lights (lower). Controlled and monitored by Crestron and powered by 10KW at 24 Volts of power, this will light up the water well offshore for night surfing – even activated from an Apple Watch.

Of course the Crestron system also controls the HVAC systems, from temperature and trigger control of rack cooling to the six zones of full HVAC control and status. Even the UltraSpa system is under Crestron control; including pumps, spa jets, swim jets, temperature, TV and music, U/W audio, and RGB lights.

A number of additional subsystems fall within the Crestron control domain, including doorbells (digital doorbell on all touchscreens, 2-way SIP intercom at door stations), two garage entries with monitored remote access and lighting.  iPhone remote control also runs infrared heaters on all three floors, twin 16-zone automated irrigation controllers, multi-zone security cameras, sensors and event intercept, full 2-way Sonos interface functionality, three floors of sun shades, and touchscreen status pages for a quick overview of the state of the systems. Sonnex amplifiers, all power devices and monitored power supply status, and even the battery life of guest room remotes.

Best of all, a 69 panel Solar Plant on the roof + Sunny San Diego = Net Zero power bill for a high powered home.

The end result is a home that is completely controlled down to the nth degree, easy to operate for all guests, and customizable for the owners should they wish to dial-in their settings as they spend more time unfolding the capabilities of their dream beach house.

“When working with the Normans we never know what to expect, which is exactly why we chose Crestron. We knew that whatever they came up with, Crestron would have a solution and that’s peace of mind with the ever changing landscape of technology.  As Integrators, we won’t ever hit a wall using Crestron” TM.

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