Taking Some Time Off During the Holidays?

By Douglas Weinstein
Published on: November 1, 2019

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Companies spend gazillions of dollars and lots of brain power on how to develop, sweeten, enhance and maintain corporate culture. Everything from office design – including kitchens with snacks and drinks – to casual Fridays, flex hours and at-home work days – there are so many different ways companies go about making the work environment and the work culture a place that people want to be and where they can be productive.

It is tough work and takes time to build. Unfortunately, managers don’t realize just how easy it is to put a massive dent in their carefully created corporate culture. One of the most pervasive ways that managers undermine culture is by taking a holiday and then not really taking a holiday.

Let me expand on that by asking the managers reading this article a simple question: What message do you think you are sending to your team when you go on vacation and then answer emails and make phone calls several times a day – EVERY day you’re supposed to be lying on the beach and enjoying your well-earned vacation?

Well, the message is clear – “we don’t really want anyone taking time off. We want you locked into your job 24/7. Even when you’re on vacation.”

Now, besides sending a terrible message, countless reports over the years have confirmed that EVERYONE needs some down time. Everyone can benefit from recharging their batteries and gaining some perspective on what’s going on regarding their job and their team’s performance. Perspective about the marketplace and the competition. It’s healthy. And necessary.

So do yourself and your company a favor if you plan on taking some time off over the holidays. Learn how to delegate. Let your team know you’ll be completely unavailable, even in an emergency. Get out of town and take a bare foot walk on the beach. Turn your phone off, tune out, and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Douglas Weinstein

Douglas Weinstein

Doug is the Editor and co-founder of the Technology Insider Group and Technology Designer Magazine. Previously, he was the Executive Director and co-founder of the Elf Foundation, a non-profit organization that created Room of Magic entertainment theaters in children's hospitals across North America.

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