What Does it Take to Move the Needle?

By Paul Starkey
Published on: December 27, 2019

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There are dozens of things any owner/operator can do to make changes in the business: but WHAT TRULY MOVES THE NEEDLE?

Moving the Needle
For many operators it probably feels like you are running in place. And making significant change is cluttered with too many choices.

So. It’s natural to make a few changes. Why? Because work and expenses must be incurred before the results are experienced.

Growth for the sake of growth is business, but not necessarily good business. We know that companies that grow methodically create more opportunities and progress faster than those that don’t.

The Question remains: What Should You Do To MOVE THE NEEDLE?

Let us help you distill what really makes a difference. It’s two things: Volume & Profit. And, Profit can come first.

First, find a way to sustain profitability of 20% or more. Before you say its not possible, we can offer business-case-after-business-case of CI companies that are doing this – regularly!

Vital MGMT has a proven system for this. For many it might be a whole new way of looking at the business; but with certainty it works.

Second, find a way to continuously find more clients thru channel partners. Create a magnet of information for trade partners as the Technology Design Authority. Luring more partners is a must to sustain growth. Partners must see how your value-added helps their value-added. To get to double-digit sustainable growth this mechanism has to be intact.

Of course, executing by becoming exceptional in delighting your clients is a fundamental requirement. To do so, you will need to create happy employees with strong accountability and empowerment in their work lives. Begin with your core values.

Not to over-simplify, but working your business model to higher performance and refining your partner magnetism are the two main ways for moving the needle in your custom integration business.

Achieving consistent performance of 20% profit and 20% annual revenue growth allows a $2MM company to become a $5MM company inside of 5 years with the financial strength achieved by only a few companies today.

Until you commit to sowing these seeds, you will not reap what is possible for you. Best wishes for great success and prosperity in 2019.

Keep it Vital.

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey

Paul Starkey is a 23 year CI industry veteran who led control manufacturer ELAN from infancy to a 150 person company. He is a visionary, keen on innovation, pioneer of on-line training, and numerous product innovations. He is co-founder of Vital Management.

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