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By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: January 5, 2018

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What should you be sharing with your followers about CES 2018? All of this and more in the recap below! Courtesy of CTA. But first, a quick CES safety update.


Safety & Security at CES 2018

New for CES 2018, attendees are encouraged to download the LiveSafe app. LiveSafe is a mobile app that CES attendees can use to get safety information, report tips and contact security during the show.

You can download the LiveSafe app from Google Play or the App Store and join CES 2018. Be sure to turn on your locations services for full functionality.

Finally, if you see something suspicious, please report it to CES either via the LiveSafe app or via the security phone numbers printed on the back of your CES badge.


The Hashtag You Should Be Using

Make sure you use #CES2018 while sharing any CES related content.


Interesting Stories For Your Followers

Looking for a cool story to retweet? The following stories trended this week and saw great engagement across social media.


From improving navigation to new shopping experiences, there are many ways #AR will change our lives.



The #drones that are helping create 3D models are more efficient than traditional image-gathering technology.



What’s Going On With CES?

Want to talk about #CES2018? Here’s a few CES topics that we promoted on social media this past week:


The 5G Mobile Innovation Keynote at #CES2018 will feature a panel of executives from @Baidu_Inc @Qualcomm @verizon who will discuss the groundbreaking impact of 5G networks.


The #CES2018 app will help you navigate the show floor and create a personal agenda with the

full conference and event schedule. Download now.



See how retailers are embracing tech such as AR and data analytics to attract more customers during the High-Tech Retailing summit at #CES2018.



Experience the future of entertainment at #CES2018.



Don’t forget to tune in to the latest episode of CES Tech Talk, sponsored by @jpmorgan. Guests @Pat_Charlton from @buzzradar and @KoenigSteve from @CTATech share insights about the future of AI to get you ready for #CES2018.



Check out the lineup of notable authors who will participate in Gary’s Book Club at #CES2018.



What’s Going On With CTA?

Want to post about CTA? Here’s a few CTA topics that we promoted on social media this past week:


#CTAResearch expert @KoenigSteve talks about the future of 5G and its game-changing capabilities.



How are people using technology to make the world a better place? Sign up for our Tech 5 newsletter to find out.



These were the most popular tech gifts from 10 and 20 years ago.



Let’s Go Humans

Share these stories about how people are using technology for good. Don’t forget to use #LetsGoHumans!


Smart technology is helping people recover from strokes and surgery #LetsGoHumans.



Pharmacists are getting help from robots to fight the misuse of opioids #LetsGoHumans.



A robotic device is helping this paralyzed man walk again #LetsGoHumans.



This Week In The Policy World

Want to share a CTA policy issue? Here’s a policy topic we promoted on social media this past week:


Hear top innovators, policymakers and regulators discuss hot-button topics that impact and drive innovation during the Innovation Policy conference track at #CES2018.



Gary Share-piro

Want to retweet the President/CEO? Here’s a topic that he shared with his followers:


How will automation disrupt the American workforce? This is just one of the questions we’ll be exploring at #CES2018. Check out my thoughts on this topic.



Blog of the Week

Want to promote a story from the CTA blog? Here is a post that we pushed out this past week:


Check out the future of wearables and where the market is headed at the Wearable Tech Summit at #CES2018, presented by @LIDTEvents.



Social Tips To Take With You

Snapchat lets you take a look back at your 2017 memories.



See something interesting/cool/retweetable on social media this week? Let us know! We would love to push it out.

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

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