4 Trends Driving Dedicated Media Rooms

By Jay Miller
Published on: December 31, 2020

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Clients are once again going all-in on theater design

We’ve been seeing a steady uptick in sales for acoustically treated, themed design products for dedicated media rooms.  More to the point, we’re seeing a return to the glitz and grandeur that we haven’t seen in a while. From conversations I’ve had with clients about motivating factors that went into their decision process to dedicate a separate space for a theater, and then trick it out with a no-holds-barred acoustically treated glamorous design, I’ve come away with 4 trends you might keep in mind when approaching potential or legacy clients.

  1. Keeping up with the Kardashians Joneses.  Homes are being built larger and people have the space to dedicate a room for a hi-end theater experience.  And from my conversations with clients, they tell me they want to impress the neighbors and are willing to pop for a themed, acoustically treated interior design.  They want all the glamour and want to be rock stars in their own domain.  We’re experiencing design sales that start at $30,000, with our luxury clients willing to exceed $200,000.
  2. Ultra HD 4K/HDR. Once people see a large screen, hi-res 4K image, they get hooked and start to dream big dreams.  I hear “We started looking at upgrading to 4K and thought we might as well look into doing something special in a room we’re going to dedicate to our big screen experience.”  We then lay out the possibilities and more often than not, clients are opting for the glitz and grandeur of a bespoke media room.
  3. If you’re into gaming, it’s a pretty awesome experience playing on an Ultra HD 4K 75” display.  Clients of ours who are into gaming invest a lot in their gear (hardware and software) and want the room décor to match their imagination.
  4. Dolby Atmos. When properly demonstrated, the latest surround sound technologies really have a visceral impact on clients and heighten their awareness that the room plays an integral role in creating a realistic at-home theater experience.  This begins the process for many of our clients about making a decision to not only dedicate a room for their theater, but also to outfit it with the latest technology and the latest in themed and acoustically treated interior design.
  5. The Economy. Added confidence by our clients in the economy has given rise to increased demands for luxury goods. Theaters are one of those luxury items.

So keep these trends in mind when you talk with new and legacy clients.  Often, it’s just a matter of letting them know what the possibilities are and how they can maximize the decision to dedicate a room to their own in-home theater experience.


Jay Miller

Jay Miller

.Jay is the founder of Acoustic Innovations who is celebrating their 25th year in the field of residential acoustics and theater design. He has designed and installed in excess of 3,000 theaters and early on saw the advantages to productizing theater interiors for the CI Channel.

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