Blue Sky: Creating a Technology Vision

By Jeremy Glowacki
Published on: October 23, 2020

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When a technology designer sits down with a luxury residential client, their first meeting should be a “blue sky” visionary conversation about what might be possible in the future, not just about what is currently available. Scheduling a technology vision session before a project starts can open the eyes of architects, interior designers and homeowners to new possibilities. While some options may not be economically or technically viable today, the home’s design should consider accommodating their future availability.

Luxury clients are looking for increasingly sophisticated solutions for their AV and control system needs that drive everything from voice recognition to lighting scenarios to personal security. Achieving all of these applications requires early involvement, innovative thinking, and collaboration between the technology designer and the architectural design team.

Emerging technologies quickly move from concept to real-world products, making early planning more important than ever. Close coordination between the architect and technology designer is critical to the success of luxury residential projects. Start with group meetings that brainstorm the vision for the residence. Once established, the team should meet regularly to realize the homeowner’s expectations through continuous coordination.

Technology designers should endeavor to introduce “blue sky” visionary meetings to their design/build partners and make it an integral part of any consultation with prospective clients. Because understanding the impact of technology systems – today and into the future – is essential during the early phases of design to assure a successful project.

Jeremy Glowacki

Jeremy Glowacki

Jeremy is the former editorial director of Residential Systems. He is now an independent content producer working with integrators, manufacturers and trade groups. He can be reached at

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