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By Doug Cole
Published on: January 16, 2020

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Expectations always run high when we talk to connected consumers who want all of the benefits of smart home technology. The personalized, intuitive smart home experience offers real benefits in terms of convenience, security and entertainment. Custom integration by trained professionals also assures system performance and reliability (further benefits for time-crunched individuals and families). These professionals also upgrade, expand and service the system as needed.

So, let’s have a brief discussion about the connected lifestyle and the vision my company, URC, offers to our customers. URC has been around for 25 years and we’re recognized as a premium automation and control manufacturer. What most people don’t know, is that we also manufacture control devices for consumer technology companies and subscription broadcast providers – over 100 million in the past 10 years alone.

We’ve recently introduced a new line of system processors and user interfaces designed specifically for today’s most demanding custom installations. And I want to briefly cover one aspect of what any home automation product needs to deliver, as it really has become a major factor in how we as an industry approach and appeal to the homeowner and interior design influencers.

The Personalized Experience. In addition to the vast product integration possibilities, the greatest differentiating factor of a professionally-installed vs. DIY smart home system is the ability to deliver a completely personalized user experience.

URC’s Total Control system offers custom onscreen graphics, featuring images of actual homes, rooms and family members that make it easy for homeowners to learn and operate their systems. Menus such as Favorite Channels and Shortcuts offer convenient one-touch access to the family’s favorite TV stations and integrated devices.

The customized menus are available in-home via high-quality tabletop controllers, in-wall touchscreens and handheld remotes. We also offer an app for remote applications via the homeowners’ mobile device.

Programmed scenes and automated activities offer further personalization, enabling technology designers to precisely synchronize system operation with the homeowners’ daily routine.

Scenes combine common activities for one touch control. For example, a Movie Night scene adjusts the lights, lowers the blinds, turns on the TV and starts the movie with one touch of a user interface or simple voice command.

Complex automation with sensors, geofencing, NFC and push notifications further expands the virtually limitless potential of a premium smart home system. For example, a Welcome Home scene automatically turns on the lights, adjusts the temperature and opens the garage door when the homeowner pulls into the driveway.

Total Control integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled devices. Homeowners appreciate the convenience of voice control. Virtually any function that can be activated via button press on a URC Total Control user interface, smartphone or tablet can be activated with a simple voice command. And the more personalized we can make the technology appear to the consumer, the more our luxury clients will turn to the technology designer for solutions.

Doug Cole

Doug Cole

Doug Cole is a consumer technology industry leader. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Ohio Wesleyan and an MBA from Boston University. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Suzanne and their two children.

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