Selling Luxury

By Eric Schwartz
Published on: June 25, 2021

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How do you cultivate a polished brand image and a loyal, high-end consumer? How do you really, truly sell luxury?

Three ways to win:

Women, women and women.

I’m not trying to be discriminatory, it’s just the truth. Nobody sells luxury better then a female.

Have you ever walked into a Louis Vuitton store . . . 95 percent of the sales people are women. Jaguar dealerships, mostly women. How about high-end real estate. Almost all women.

In the influencer marketplace (social circles) for high-end products, it’s all women.

Women are better at tapping into the psychology of luxury buyers.

Women are better at gaining an understanding who they are selling. They can recognize gender-specific tendencies, which is an important asset when closing the sale.

Women are better at engaging with the luxury buyer because they listen to the customer and create emotional and passionate responses that resonate.

So, if you can educate and train women to understand technology, then you will see your business soar. After all, you’re selling lifestyle and luxury and it’s a fact nobody sells it better than . . . you guessed it, a woman.

Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz

Eric is the founder of Catapult Communications, offering brand awareness and sales strategies to strengthen clients' go-to-market offerings. He is also the co-founder and publisher of Technology Designer Magazine, Website and e-newsletter. Presently a Consultant to CTA’s i3 Magazine. Past recipient of The Torch of Liberty Award by the ADL. Eric also Co-chairs the Annual ADL Consumer Technology Dinner. Launched CEWEEK, an event for innovative companies to meet the press, retailers and investment community. Eric, also launched Future Vision which was an Executive Level event designed to build relationships that yield future business.

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