Consumers are Watching You!

By Stephanie Casimiro
Published on: March 24, 2021

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It is beyond just a little weird to think about how we’re all being tracked via our social media feeds. I think if you are provocative, you’re much more likely to encounter trolls and the dark side of social – doxxing, etc. If you pretty much use social to talk to friends and like-minded individuals, my guess is you don’t encounter any of the negative aspects – you get only the goodness of sharing your views and news.

But if you’re a company, you are definitely being watched by consumers, whether you use social or not. And here’s why – many consumers want to know who they are doing business with. Are you socially conscious? Do you treat your employees right? How transparent are you? Are you ethical? And potential employees and potential business partners check you out online and on social. So, what to do?

First, ensure that your social manager is checking your online rep on a daily basis. Two, have a plan in place for crisis management. Don’t let things fester, or worse, spiral out of control. Don’t run and hide if there is bad news about you floating in the ether – get out in front of it and tell your side of the story.

There are unfortunate sides to social media for companies big and small. But a solid plan and effective management should be enough to cover all of your bases if someone starts throwing darts your way. When you run into the inevitable disgruntled ex-employee or that customer who had a bad experience and just won’t let it go, you need a professional at the helm to steer you through those choppy waters.

For those companies that have built a digital footprint online and on social, who have championed a charitable cause or two, who have a pretty clean record and are known for transparency, overcoming bad press online is more easily contained and controlled than for companies with no online or social presence. So get online and on social and get your game plan executed.

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie Casimiro

Stephanie is the founder of Designer Marketing Solutions, a specialist in online marketing services and brand management. She is a recognized leader in social media and analytical reporting data pertaining to online brand presence and recognition. Visit her at

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