What the CI Industry will Look Like in 5 Years

By Joe Piccirilli
Published on: April 6, 2018

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The need for high quality uninterrupted power will become critical to virtually all levels of the market. I recently spoke with Ted Green from Strata-Gee and he asked me what I thought the custom installation industry would look like in five years. My response was:

“Apple, Amazon, and Google are giants that are battling for control of both stationary and mobile environments. Once again, as in previous battles, Beta versus VHS, Sony versus Samsung versus Panasonic, we are on the front lines. We will be the group that ultimately determines the victor. Because we are the only group capable of making their disparate approaches for control of the environment work together for the benefit of the owner. We are the only group that can provide the early end-user feedback necessary for product improvement and category growth.

Five years from now, those who acquire the necessary survival skills will be reaping the rewards of the battle. It will be the same kind of business climate that was created by the appeal of home theater and flat panel television, except on a much grander scale.”

If I am correct in my prediction, the need for high quality uninterrupted power will become critical to virtually all levels of the market. The more automation in an environment, the less the environment will do without power. More automation means more processors. Processors are susceptible to power surges and sags. When a processor malfunctions, systems stop working. Functions that we take for granted, such as light switches, will no longer work. I am not sure our clients are prepared for the level of inconvenience a power anomaly will cause in the future.

To that end, it will be extremely important that system integration professionals gain significant knowledge and expertise in power quality and power protection. We will be the people who will be called upon to supply the high quality uninterrupted power our clients will be demanding.

At RoseWater Energy Group, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge, products and skills you will need to fulfill that need.

Joe Piccirilli

Joe Piccirilli

Joseph Piccirilli is an accomplished consultant, strategist and speaker with a 40-year career that spans the consumer electronics, systems integration and energy industries. In his current capacity as Executive Director at RoseWater Energy Group, he oversees the manufacturing, sales and distribution of leading new technology for residential power storage and handling efforts.

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