Binge Worthy?

By Eric Schwartz
Published on: October 11, 2019

Here’s something to chew on over the weekend:

Anyone who has cut the cord and moved to a streaming service is probably or has probably used either Netflix or Amazon. One of the revelations, and one that changed how we watch TV, was that they would dump entire seasons of material onto the market so people could binge watch. It was a new concept, since we all grew up with the weekly schedule approach to programming.

From what we’re gathering with the impending release of Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, HBO Now and others, most of the new players will revert back to weekly releases. Or perhaps release the first three episodes to hook people, then release additional episodes on a weekly basis.

We can see the advantage of the weekly release model for new services trying to build a subscriber audience. Since Netflix already has a large base, and tons of programming, don’t look for them to change their model.

Another issue to consider, with major players entering the streaming universe; just how much money per month are people going to pony up to get the content they want? We’ve seen data that suggests $21 – $37 is a range most ex-cable users are comfortable in, with $24 – $27 definitely being the exact sweet spot (Netflix and Amazon as the preferred combo-pack). So what happens when Disney+ dumps their impressive catalog onto the market at an introductory offering of $7? With original content coming in the pipeline, how many services will people opt for? Will viewers binge watch a channel, then dump it for a few months and move to another stream?

Things are heating up in the world of streaming and it’s going to get very interesting very soon.


Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz

Eric is the founder of Catapult Communications, offering brand awareness and sales strategies to strengthen clients' go-to-market offerings. He is also the co-founder and publisher of Technology Designer Magazine, Website and e-newsletter. Presently a Consultant to CTA’s i3 Magazine. Past recipient of The Torch of Liberty Award by the ADL. Eric also Co-chairs the Annual ADL Consumer Technology Dinner. Launched CEWEEK, an event for innovative companies to meet the press, retailers and investment community. Eric, also launched Future Vision which was an Executive Level event designed to build relationships that yield future business.

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