Bravas Group Sold!

By Technology Insider
Published on: August 23, 2019

Bravas Group, consisting of a group of 15 CI-channel integration firms, has been sold to Presidio Investors for $75M. For those familiar with Bravas Group, you will recall that the individual companies have been under the tutelage of Vital MGMT (Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt) for a few years now. The individual companies have worked on their business acumen and together have put together a structured management team. It goes without saying that each of the individual companies are quite accomplished and represent the leading edge of technology design.

As the group moved to a unified business platform, they have been looking for investment in order to scale the group’s reach, buying power and secure an exit plan for the individual owners. Details of the buy-out will certainly be a major topic at the upcoming CEDIA EXPO in Denver. We can’t wait to hear directly from Bravas Group’s executive team.

Paul Starkey shared his thoughts with TIG – “It took us 1,665 days to put together a business platform and investment platform that creates the most productive luxury CI business ever. The upsides for recruiting, training, business development, employee benefits and growth, 24/7 support, expertise sharing, and more, are endless. It’s a great day in BRAVAS land.”

As you can see from the website, the group understands the luxury market they serve, as well as their clientele. We like the combination of luxury reporting and technology overviews. And we wish them well! Congratulations.

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