Access Networks’ Cloud-Based Wireless Controller

By Technology Insider
Published on: July 30, 2021

Access Networks continues to evolve its enterprise-grade networking solutions with the introduction of a cloud-based configuration and management platform. The next-generation cloud-based wireless controller, ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller), is built on Ruckus architecture and delivers a new level of simplicity during deployment, a higher level of control with more tools to customize each job, and a lower cost of entry for industry leading capabilities. ARCC enables networks to be easily managed remotely, facilitating quick and easy remediation and firmware updates to reduce truck rolls, streamline workflow, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, ARCC can provide integrators with a solid source of recurring revenue.

“Historically, wireless networks have required an on-premise controller for visibility, configuration, and control,” says Snap One Senior Director of Sales Operations Ben Jurow. “Now, with the introduction of ARCC, which can be added to any Access Networks Core system or access point, integrators can deliver the same level of service and support remotely via the cloud without having to install any additional hardware. ARCC provides efficiency and the most complete Wi-Fi service for clients during deployment, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and upgrades.”

ARCC rounds out Access Networks’ full range of network management platforms, including an unmanaged service option that can be added to any Access Networks access point, giving integrators additional options for managing customers’ networks. “ARCC marks the next evolution in our product development and offerings,” Jurow says. “Integrators can stick with traditional solutions or embrace the cloud as a reliable, easily accessible, and failsafe method of maintaining clients’ networks.”

Core managed network solutions utilizing ARCC ship preconfigured based on dealer-supplied network parameters and requirements specific to the deployment. Once the access points, routers, and switches have been installed, the access points will connect to the Internet and self-configure. Then, from a computer or mobile device, the integrator can button up the system, naming the APs and inputting GPS coordinates. For unmanaged ARCC setups facilitated by access points, integrators also administer passwords. Whether an integrator chooses to utilize ARCC through a managed or unmanaged platform, the entire configuration process is seamless and transparent to the customer, and repeatable when possible, saving integrators time and manpower.

Additionally, ARCC allows integrators and their clients to stay ahead of the technological curve. Updates introducing new features and capabilities download to ARCC remotely via the cloud, providing an easy, dependable, affordable way of keeping clients’ networks as current and capable as possible. And when new Access Networks products are added to the network, modifications to the ARCC configuration platform happen automatically.

Access Networks offers ARCC training to Partners interested in offering the platform. Existing Access Networks integration partners can find more details in their MyAccess partner portal. Others who are interested in learning more about ARCC are invited to contact

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